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1. Salmon Tataki

Seared & thinly sliced salmon served w/ cucumber & chef’s special sauce.

2. Dragon Scales (3)🌶️

Spicy tuna wrapped in shiso leaf tempura fried.

3. Tacos (3)🌶️

Choice of: Chicken / Beef, w/ lettuce, cheese, onion, lime, guacamole, tomatoes & spicy mayo.

4. Mexican Style Corn Dip

Corn dip w/ jalapeño, red peppers & cream cheese. Served w/ tri color tortilla chips.

5. Stuffed Shrimp (3)

Shrimp topped w/ butter crab meat.

6. Baked Catfish fillet

Catfish fillet w/ bread crumb & house seasoning.

7. Chicken Garlic Bread (3)

Baked garlic bread topped w/ chicken breast, cheddar cheese & onion.

8. Fried Calamari

Crispy calamari topped w/ diced red & green peppers.

9. Mini Crab Cakes (3)

Homemade mini crab cakes, served w/ kale salad & remoulade sauce.

10. Crab Dip

Baked & served w/ cheesy baguettes.

11. Fried Catfish Strips (4)

Crispy catfish w/ coleslaw & tartar sauce.

12. Rock Shrimp

Crispy jumbo shrimp, w/ house special sauce.

13. Cheesesteak Egg Roll (2)

Steak & cheese stuffed egg roll w/ onion.

14. French Fries

Lightly seasoned curly fries.

15. Crab Bruschetta (4)

Crispy slices of baguettes top w/ jumbo lump crab meat, tomatoes & special mayo.

16. Crispy Chicken Wings (8)

Choice of: buffalo sauce / salt & pepper / lemon pepper / mumbo sauce / old bay.


1. Louisiana Seafood Gumbo
S $10L $14

Our famous louisiana gumbo w/ shrimp, turkey sausage, crab meat, okra, brown rice & a hint of spicy kick.

2. Maryland Crab Soup
S $10L $14

Tomato based, crab meat, onion, carrots, green bell peppers, celery, green bean, corn, garlic & spices.

3. Blue Sunday Chowder
S $10L $14

Our signature potato-based chowder w/ crab, chopped clam, corn, & green onion.

Fresh Salad

Add on Protein: Chicken $6 / Shrimps $8 / NY Strip Steak $8 / Salmon $12
1. Garden Salad

Romaine, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, spring mix, purple cabbage, crouton, w/ balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

2. Classic Caesar Salad

Romaine, parmesan, croutons, w/ caesar dressing.

3. Crispy Chicken Salad

Romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, spring mix, purple cabbage & shredded cheddar.

4. Southwest Shrimp Salad

Grilled shrimp, romaine, spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, red cabbage, dried pineapple, w/ thousand island dressing.

5. Grilled Salmon Salad

Grilled salmon, romaine, spring mix, cucumber, tomatoes, dried banana, w/ balsamic vinaigrette.


Choice of Two Sides:
Mashed Potatoes / Grilled Asparagus / French Fries / Steamed Broccoli / White Rice / Fried Rice
1. Beef Short Ribs

Braised bone-in beef ribs glazed w/ bourbon sauce.

2. Rib-eye Steak (12oz)

Boneless ribeye steak grill to your desired doneness.

3. NY Strip Steak (12oz)

NY strip w/ blue sunday steak sauce on the side.

4. Lamb Rack (5)

Grilled new zealand lamb chops w/ chef’s special sauce on the side.

5. Homemade Jumbo Crab Cake (2)

Jumbo lump crab meat, w/ special shrimp sauce.

6. Crispy Seafood Platter

Combination of 4pcs shrimp, 3pcs scallops, 1pc catfish & 1pc crab cake.

7. Scottish Salmon (12oz)

Grilled salmon filet, lemon juice, fresh alfalfa sprouts, glazed w/ olive oil.

8. BS Burger

8oz beef patty, romaine, tomatoes & cheddar cheese, w/ Asian BBQ sauce.

9. Crawfish Burger

Homemade crawfish patty w/ lettuce, slices tomatoes, cheddar cheese, served w/ cream sauce.

10. Seafood Boils

Snow crab legs, headless shrimp, black mussels, corn, potato, w/ cajun cream sauce.

11. Southwest Chicken Wrap

Spicy chicken, romaine, tomato, onion, house salsa, cheddar cheese wrap in herb tortilla.

12. Sea Lover

Crawfish cake, lobster w/ cheddar cheese, served w/ cream sauce.

Side Order

White Rice
Fried Rice
Grilled Asparagus
Steam Broccoli
Mashed Potato
French Fries

Asian Fusion

  Your Choice of White Rice / Fried Rice  
1. General Tso’s🌶️

Crispy chicken w/ steamed broccoli, served in general tso’s sauce. Shrimp ($6 upcharge).

2. Sautéed Broccoli🌶️

Choice of: Chicken / Beef w/ broccoli, sautéed w/ brown sauce. Shrimp ($6 upcharge).

3. Signature Curry🌶️

Choice of: Chicken / Beef, stir- fried w/ broccoli, potatoes, bell peppers, carrots & onions served w/ spicy curry sauce. Shrimp ($6 upcharge).

4. Mango w/ Asian Style

Choice of: Chicken / Beef, stir- fried w/ snow pea, bell peppers, onions, carrot & mango w/ sweet garlic mango sauce. Shrimp ($6 upcharge).

5. Coconut Shrimp

Shrimp sautéed w/ bell peppers & onions w/ house coconut cream sauce.

Rice & Noodle

1. Fried Rice

Choice of: Chicken / Beef / Shrimp ($3 Upcharge).

2. Spicy Curry Fried Rice🌶️

Chicken & shrimp w/ carrots, green peas, egg & onion.

3. Stir fried Pasta w/ House Sauce

Linguine, black mussels & shrimp w/ house sauce.

4. Singapore Noodle

Thin rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, egg, cabbage & scallion w/ curry sauce.

Sushi Roll

1. Tuna Roll (6)

Bluefin tuna & seaweed paper w/ rice.

2. Salmon Roll (6)

Fresh salmon & seaweed paper w/ rice.

3. Eel Roll (6)

Grilled eel & seaweed paper w/ rice.

4. Spicy Salmon Roll (6)🌶️

Spicy salmon, crunch & seaweed paper w/ rice.

5. Spicy Tuna Roll (6)🌶️

Spicy tuna, crunch & seaweed paper w/ rice.

6. California Roll (6)

Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber & seaweed paper w/ rice.

7. Philadelphia Roll (6)

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber & seaweed paper w/ rice.

8. Shrimp tempura Roll (5)

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, masago caviar & seaweed paper w/ rice.

9. Godzilla Roll (6)🌶️

Fried spicy salmon roll topped w/ spicy mayo.

10. Dynamite Roll (6)🌶️

Fried spicy tuna, avocado, crunch, masago caviar & seaweed paper w/ rice.

Special Roll

1. Lion King 🌶️

Special crab meat, avocado & masago caviar, topped w/ baked salmon, topped w/ spicy mayo.

2. Crystal Roll

Crab, shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, yellowtail & asparagus wrapped w/ rice paper deep fried & topped w/ masago caviar.

3. Empire Roll

Shrimp tempura, crab meat, mango & avocado wrapped in soybean paper topped w/ eel sauce.

4. Tai Fillet Roll

Baked tilapia fillet w/ mayo rolled w/ white soy paper, topped w/ tempura flakes.

5. Kani Maki Cheese Roll

Melted cream cheese, crunch, crab meat, topped w/ tilapia fillet & cheese.

6. Golden Cake Roll

Avocado, crab meat & masago caviar, square rolled topped w/ mayo.


1. Red Velvet Cake

Classic red velvet cake topped w/ cream cheese frosting.

2. Caramel Vanilla Salted Cake

Fluffy vanilla cake w/ soft caramel sauce & salted caramel frosting.

3. Chocolate Toffee Mousse Cake

Premium dark chocolate mousse cake, drizzled w/ ganache & sprinkled w/ chopped toffee bits.

4. Tiramisu

Layered tiramisu topped w/ cocoa.

5. Chocolate Chunk Brownie

Classic brownie, chocolate chunk, vanilla ice cream.



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