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Happy Hour

Fresh Ingredients, Good Flavor

3pm – 7pm

The Bar

Mon – Sat: 3pm – 7pm
Sunday: 3pm – 11pm
Draft Beer
Bottle Beer
House Merlot
House Chardonnay
House Liquor

Gin / Rum / Vodka / Tequila / Whiskey

Cocktail Drink

Blue Sunday Potion / Strawberry Delight / Coco - Melon / Long Island Iced Tea


Dragon Scales (3) 🌶️

Spicy tuna wrapped in shiso leaf tempura fried.

Mexican Style Corn Dip

Corn dip w. jalapeno, red peppers & cream cheese, served w/ tri color tortilla chips.

Crispy Chicken Wings

Choice of: buffalo sacue / salt & pepper / lemon pepper / mumbo sauce / old bay

Stuffed Shrimp (3)

Shrimp topped w/ butter crab meat

Cheese Steak Egg Rolls (2)

Steak & cheese stuffed egg roll w/ onion.

Baked Catfish Fillet​

Catfish fillet w/ bread crumb & house seasoning.

Chicken Garlic Bread (3)

Bake garlic bread topped w/ chicken breast, cheddar cheese & onion.

Rock Shrimp

Crispy jumbo shrimp w/ house special sauce.

Crab Bruschetta (4)

Crispy slices of baguettes top w/ jumbo lump crab meat, tomatoes & special mayo.

French Fries

Lightly seasoned curly fries.

Garden Salad

Romaine, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, spring mix, purple cabbage, crouton w/ balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


Shrimp Tempura Roll

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, masago caviar & seaweed paper w/ rice

Kani Maki Cheese Roll

Melted cream cheese, crunch, crab meat, topped w/ tilapia fillet & cheese.

Tai Fillet Roll

Baked tilapia fillet w/ mayo rolled w/ white soy paper, topped w/ tempura flake.

Godzilla Roll

Fried spicy salmon roll topped w/ spicy mayo.

California Roll

Crab meat, avocado, cucumber & seaweed paper w/ rice.

Asian Fusion

Sauteed Broccoli

Chicken / beef w/ broccoli. Sauteed w/ brown sauce. Shrimp ($6 upcharge). Choice of white rice / fried rice.

Coconut Shrimp

Shrimp sauteed w/ bell peppers & onions w/ house coconut cream sauce. Choice of white rice / fried rice.

Rice & Noodle

Curry Fried Rice 🌶️

Chicken & shrimp w/ carrots, green peas, egg & onion.

Pasta w/ House Sauce

Linguine, black mussels & shrimp w/ house sauce.

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